Local Single Service Accommodation

Personnel living in single service accommodation will be located at HMS Collingwood near Fareham. HMS Collingwood is the lead establishment of the Maritime Warfare School (MWS) and the largest naval training organisation in Western Europe . The MWS is a federated training establishment incorporating HMS Excellent, the Defence Diving School , the RN Physical Training School, the School of Hydrography and Meteorology in Plymouth and the Royal Marines School of Music in Portsmouth Naval Base. At any one time the MWS is training about 10% of the Service and has an annual throughput of over 30,000 Officers and Ratings, both regular and reserve. The facilities on the Stn are excellent but you do have to get use to the Navy way of life. Opposite Collingwood is Asda, Blockbuster, and a bowling alley. Fareham has plenty of bars and a cinema.

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